PG Padded Referee Pant

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The PG Pro Padded Pant is built not only with protection and convenience in mind, it keeps the cosmetic appeal as a top priority. The PG officials pant was the first pant on the market with removable padding for the convenience of washing and airing out your equipment.  PG acknowledged the importance of cleaning and airing out your gear and developed a system for ease of the wearer for cleaning . 

The PG Pant / Girdle combo has an elastic strap on the leg padding that is used to form the padding to your leg. This strap only needs to be adjusted one time and the pads will stay formed. Sewn in break lines, developed in specific locations, aid in the break in process. From the outside there are NO visible sewing lines so the officials pant maintains the pro pant appeal. Two rear pockets (one zippered), two slash front pockets, belt loops and suspender buttons.  Embroidered PG logo on right rear pocket.