CCM SG90 Referee Shin Pads

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The SG90 uses an adjustable piece between the knee and shin caps to allow for full adjust-ability sizes from 14-16". The anatomical shell design optimizes the comfort on your leg as well as enhancing stability during impact. A new system of elastic straps allows for a customized, great feeling fit. The padding in the shinguard is suspended away from the shell to create an impact buffer that enhances the protection level greatly. A very functional piece of gear that any referee should have in their bag. Molded polyethylene padding for added protection. Three strap ensure a comfortable fit. One size fits 14-16".  
Suggested additional items: Pick up a pair of shintights - great product for securing shin pads and avoiding the embarrassing situations where your pants get caught up in your skates. Eliminates the need for tape forever!